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STOT21stCplanB were primarily a rock band that formed in post millenium bewilderment at the dawn of war in 2003, and retired from active service in 2008.

As part of their creative function they also produced an alarming quantity of irreverent, dark and funny visual art that they sold off as cheaply as possible.

Never encumbered by the problems of success, status or money, their work was often described as swinging wildly between "sublime genius" and "unmitigated shit". STOT21stCplanB's response to this was "You work out which is which".

Since retirement, singer, guitarist and "fixer" The Assistant (aka Abraham Thunderwolf), retired to his castle in Scotland where he tends his pack of Irish Wolf Hounds. Other guitarist, sometimes singer and "wrecker" The Janitor, returned to his family coalmine in Wales where he has been conducting experiments in Moral Vacuums and exploring sustainable commercial viabilities in Death Ray Technology.

The band momentarily came out of retirement on 20th March 2013 to re-release a song on youtube for the 10th Anniversary of their birth and the start of War.

Online Catalogue | L-13 ARTISTS | STOT21stCplanB |  About STOT21stCplanB