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The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop*, founded by Steve Lowe in 2009, is a studio/publisher/gallery that provides a vehicle/platform for a small group of artists to support their individual and group practices through exhibitions, publishing and other creative projects.

L-13 has been described as "... a co-operative severance from the art world values of success, failure and authorial identity, achieved through a vast imaginative enterprise and resulting in a potent intensity of meanings" **.

Lowe ceased to present onsite exhibitions in 2013, and whilst he continues to support the endeavours of other artists (particularly with Billy Childish and Jimmy Cauty), the space at L-13 is now predominantly the Harry Adams studio where he makes paintings with his long time collaborator in art and music, Adam Wood.

*formally known as the aquarium and THE AQUARIUM L-13, founded 2003 / 2006 and The L-13 Light Industrial Worksop opened in 2009.
** Neal Brown - Harry Adams: The Lay of the Land, Art&Space 2013

Online Catalogue |  About L-13